Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The busy year ahead...

I entered my painting "Before the Rush" into the Newport Art Museum's Annual Member Show last week, and discovered today that it was accepted. I'm so pleased! There's always an amount of uncertainty and self-doubt when you enter a painting into any juried show, so when you're successful it's like a reaffirmation of your work and an indication that you're doing something right. It's a nice feeling.

I've actually got a busy exhibition calendar for the next few months. I just hope I can produce enough pieces to enter them all. It's good to keep busy and have something to aim for.

"Before the Rush", 6x12"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fakes and Forgeries

"The Dream" (Original by Pablo Picasso), 18x24"

I finished my Picasso forgery this week. I learnt a few interesting facts about "The Dream", or "Le Reve" as it's also known, while painting it. Firstly, as I think I mentioned in a previous blog, the lady in the painting is Marie-Therese Walter, one of Picasso's lovers whom he had a child with. On researching Ms Walter, I discovered she was only 17 years old when they met, and though their relationship didn't last, Picasso supported her financially for the rest of her life.

Most curiously, I discovered that Picasso liked to include the image of a penis in some of his paintings. I didn't notice it at first, but it seems pretty obvious now. Just take a look at the top half of Ms Walter's face. Yes, there's a penis! In this case, I read that the penis represents Ms Walter's sexual dream.

I also found out that the original painting is currently owned by Steve Wynn, a wealthy art collector who was on the verge of selling "The Dream" when he accidentally damaged it. While showing it to some friends, he lost his balance and put his elbow through the canvas, tearing a small hole the size of a silver dollar. An expensive accident! He decided to keep the painting after that.

I still like this painting a lot. Despite having a penis on her head, I think Marie-Therese is beautiful in her own way. I'm putting it in the Fakes & Forgeries show at Spring Bull in February.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Painting of a different kind...

I've been very slack this week where my art is concerned. I haven't worked on my paintings at all. Pablo's "The Dream" is still awaiting final touches, and my next painting idea is on hiatus until I can I can take pictures and do some sketches. That's not to say I haven't actually "painted", but instead of sitting down at the easel I stripped out my bedroom and started cutting in on the walls.

I haven't done any home decorating for some time. There's something revitalising about changing your environment, and most definitely about improving it. I've been looking at puke green bedroom walls for so long I thought it was time to change them to something lighter and brighter. Boy, what an undertaking it was though. I'd forgotten about all the preparation involved - moving furniture, cleaning, and just the general upheaval of not having things where they're supposed to be. Then there's the disagreements, the heady paint fumes, and the tired, achy arms. A project I thought would only take a day ended up taking four, and for three nights I had to sleep on the couch. I hate a messy house.

The bonus of course is that now I have a nicely painted bedroom and I'm no longer cringing at the sight of it. Even better, I'm going to Ikea this weekend, that great Scandinavian home store, and buying new table lamps and a mirror (plus a few other odds and ends I'm not telling my husband about). That's something to look forward to.

So, although I haven't exactly been expressing my creativity this week, I've been busy. I don't think I did a bad job either. All the same, I think I'll stick to painting pictures. Next time we're hiring a professional.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


(left) "The Dream", 18x24" (original by Pablo Picasso)
(right) The original "The Dream" by Pablo Picasso

I've almost finished my forgery of Picasso's "The Dream". I apologise for the poor quality of the photo. I manage to paint by this light, but it doesn't photograph well.

This picture was really enjoyable to paint. I love the curves and the sumptuous colours, and although she's a little misshapen, I think the figure is quite beautiful. I read in one of my art history books that this was Maria-Therese, one of Picasso's lovers.

I'm putting my version of "The Dream" into the Fakes and Forgeries show at Spring Bull Gallery in Newport in February.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ticket Please!

The opening of the Spring Bull show Ticket Please was held tonight. There was a nice little gathering of people, and I was quite surprised to see "Late Night Movie" in the prime position in the entrance to the gallery, right as you walk in. Some amazing paintings there, so I was in good company.

If you get the chance, stop by. The show runs until January 31, then I'm also putting a painting into the Fakes and Forgeries exhibition which starts in February. That's always a popular event. I'm tossing up between painting Picasso's "The Dream", and Renoir's "The Parisienne" this year. Both very different paintings of women.