Sunday, August 22, 2010

Great show

Had a very successful opening on Friday for the 5 Member Invitational at Portsmouth Arts Guild. Great turnout, not to mention some tasty nibbles. That always helps. Even I succumbed to the cheese and crackers.

More importantly, the art looked fabulous, and I'm not talking about mine. It was an honor to share the show with four very talented people - Anne Winthrop Cordin, Marc Jaffe, Priscilla Foley, and Lenny Rumpler. Their work made mine look good.

Below is a link to Portsmouth Patch, whose Editor, Sandy McGee, wrote a brief article about the opening and took photos.

Now that the rush is over, will take a break for a week, then work on a few commissions. Would also like to start on some new pieces from my recent trip to Provincetown, MA. No rest for the artistically motivated.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5 Member Invitational

It's been some time since my last blog. This is becoming a bad habit! I have good reason though. The summer has been glorious, so needless to say I've been spending as much time outdoors, or painting, as I can. The computer sees far more action in the winter months. The show opening this Friday deserves a post, however. This is the big one. The big kahuna! I've been painting furiously for the past 6 months in preparation for the 5 Member Invitational at the Portsmouth Arts Guild, and it's finally here.

The paintings shown here are just two of the pieces I've entered - "Corn Dogs" and "Candy Apples", which are scenes from a carnival that I visited in May. My initial thoughts were to paint the ferris wheel and other carnival rides, but I was drawn to the carnival workers and the booths they worked in. I just loved the signs, and the abstract shapes and bright colors, and I wanted to paint them. I did eight pieces in total, all based around a "people and places" theme, two of my favorite subjects to paint.

Come to the show if you can. I will update my website shortly with new images of my paintings.

Corn Dogs - 18x24"

Candy Apples - 20x20"