Thursday, April 8, 2010

2nd Prize!

Received some exciting news yesterday. I won 2nd prize at the Imagine Red juried show at the Portsmouth Arts Guild for my painting "The Red Duvet"! Yay! It was entirely unexpected, particularly as my only concern was just to be accepted into the show. I'm quite chuffed. Shall be attending the opening tomorrow night, for sure. Will post a pic of my painting shortly.

The good news was especially welcome considering the awful time we had last week with the record rainfall in Rhode Island. Never thought we'd have to worry about flooding, but the backyard became so waterlogged from the 9 inches of rain that fell in such a short time, that the septic couldn't handle it, and waste began to back into the house. Gross! Was on the bucket-brigade for at least an hour, non-stop, till the plumber arrived and at least relieved me of duty. Managed to prevent any major damage or flooding in our basement. Had to spend a couple of nights in a hotel while we let the septic get on top of things again, but everything seems okay now. Still, I'm a little nervous of the rain that's forecast for tomorrow. Hope the ground has dried up enough, with all this sunny weather, that a little rain will go unnoticed. Cross fingers.

Will have to start painting this afternoon. Haven't painted anything since last Monday, and I'm suffering from creative withdrawal.