Thursday, March 11, 2010

Art and dolphins...

Had some great news this week. I've been accepted into the juried show at Portsmouth Arts Guild entitled 5 Members' Invitational. Myself and 4 other PAG members will be showing our work at the Portsmouth gallery in August. I'm thrilled! There's lots of painting to be done, but I'm feeling motivated and up to the challenge. All this sunshine we've been having lately has certainly helped. Spring is almost upon us, and I love spring.

I certainly welcomed the good news after my miserable Monday this week. I came across a documentary called The Cove, a snippet of which aired on the Oscars Sunday night (The Cove won an award). Totally depressing footage of dolphins being brutally slaughtered in Japan. I was absolutely horrified. As you may have noticed from the animal-related banners I have on my blog, which includes WSPA (World Society for Protection of Animals), Potter League (a RI shelter), and AAVS (American Anti-Vivisection Society), I love animals, so I was brought to tears by the image of a dolphin fleeing for its life, albeit unsuccessfully.

I immediately texted Dolphin to 44144, which was the number the creators of The Cove held up when they won, and hence discovered a website called I joined the group, which was free, and signed an online petition: If anyone is interested in helping these beautiful, intelligent animals, please click on the link.

If you're interested in learning more about the dolphins' plight, you can read an article here: There is more information on the WSPA website.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Appreciate the sunshine

It's still cold outside, but the sun is shining, which is such a nice change. More crappy weather predicted tomorrow though... snow, rain, sleet. By March I'm thoroughly fed up with winter. The only silver lining is that it gives me an excuse to do some work on my website.

Speaking of which, I downloaded my new and improved website last night. The biggest change is the neutral grey background, which I hope enhances my paintings. Aside from that, most elements of the website have remained the same. To be honest, I really just enjoy playing with Dreamweaver, and when I get bored of how things look I enjoy the challenge of discovering new ways of displaying my work. There are still many tricks I haven't yet learnt.

I'll be posting some new images on my website this week, one of which will be on show at the Portsmouth Arts Guild Annual Members' All-Media Exhibition which opens on March 14 at 2pm. The exhibit runs through till the beginning of April.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Things to come

With the approach of Spring (though it certainly doesn't feel like it with all this rain and cold weather), comes another year of exhibitions and painting deadlines. I've got a few shows lined up for 2010 already, with others hopefully in the pipeworks. I'm also displaying work at the Portsmouth Arts Guild again this year, from April through to July.

All this means I have to get my A into G and produce a lot of paintings. Luckily I feel inspired and motivated, which is often not the case with me, but lately I've developed a keen interest in two subjects which should provide a limitless resource of material. One is interiors, the other people-scapes.

So far, the interiors I've painted have included a movie theatre, a restaurant, a diner, two motel rooms, and several rooms from private residences, with many more pieces to follow. My people-scapes have been inspired by New York and the busy Provincetown in Cape Cod. Aside from my interest in light, shadow, and reflection, what these two subjects have in common is the human element, whether it's the hustle and bustle of a busy street, or the quiet serenity of an empty room where the occupants have only just vacated, or are about to inhabit it. I like to wonder about these people - what are they thinking, why are they there, where are they going? People are interesting, and even a vacant room has a story to tell.

Right now I'm longing for summer. (I'm sick of being cold, and I desperately need some Vitamin D.) The onset of warmer weather also brings with it tourists to Newport, and thus busy, crowded streets. Good subject-matter for my people scapes. The sun also creates marvellous interior shots. In fact, the sun is essential to both my outdoor and indoor scenes. There's nothing like a darkened room with a liquid pool of sunlight, or the blue-grey afternoon shadow of people and buildings late on a summer's day.

I will be updating my website again in the next couple of days. I'll also add some of my most recent paintings. As you may have guessed, they're of interiors and people-scapes.