Wednesday, September 29, 2010

People's Choice Award

Well, this was certainly a nice surprise. I was awarded the Peoples Choice Award at the 5 Member Invitational exhibition for my painting "Summer Night at the Frosty Freeze". Quite an honor, considering the outstanding work at the show. Thanks very much to all who voted!

I took a break from painting for a few weeks (had only intended a respite of one week, but it stretched into several). Mind you, I still had a brush in my hand. I ended up moving my studio from the sun room to a spare bedroom, and I painted the walls a neutral gray.

It's been quite energizing working in a new space. I've almost finished a scene from Provincetown, Cape Cod, and will soon start work on a few commissions. I look forward to hunkering down in my cozy studio as the weather gets colder.