Wednesday, June 4, 2014


A little black and white montage of the kitties I painted for my local veterinary practice.  Will probably be hanging them on Friday.  The last kitty painted was 19 year old Guiness, a black kitty who lives at the vet's office.  He was looking a bit frail, as kitties tend to do at that age, so I gave him a face lift, so to speak - unclouded his eyes, smoothed his fur, gave his face a bit more padding.  I'm looking forward to the reaction of the staff when I take them down there.  To be honest, though, I'll actually miss the paintings when they're gone.  I like seeing their faces every day in my studio.

From the top, left to right: Tigger, Wylee, Penny, Guiness, Theo, Whitey, Tony and Higgins

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